mercredi 30 juillet 2014


We have a new activity now.

It is Summer Big Sale.

Up to 70% off for dresses,t-shirts,blouses,pants, skirts ,tank tops and camis.

Seize the chance to get your faves before they've gone forever.

Hi guys this is my seconde post about sheinside store and really i can't stop write about this online store cause everytime i take a look on their website i see somthing new ,different,beautiful with a special price so i should share it with my lovers with you guys .
and this is my favorite list for this month from SHEINSIDE
You can check my first review HERE 

lundi 28 juillet 2014

Life Like Flowers !


Hi guys ,this week end i was traveling to a beautiful moroccan city called ESSAOUIRA and i was shooting this pictures in this fabulous town .
i wear Sunglasses By GIANT VINTAGE ,Blazer&jean By GUYLOOK,Like life flower Tee& by THEFISTSHOP.

vendredi 18 juillet 2014

I'm Trying To Right My Wrongs


Hi Guys today i represent 2 of my lovely brands ,CHOIES & YEAH BUNNY
I wear ana amazing glasses by bleu mirror glasses and stars short by CHOIES and a black tee by YEAH BUNNY .



mardi 15 juillet 2014

Mr. GUGU & Miss GO

hi Guys today ill talk about a such amazing brand  Mr.Gugu&Miss GO :
Every one of you will really love those fresh prints ,Mr. Gugu & Miss Go are producing some of the craziest Sweaters and Tees prints  on the market. While designing women's-wear, the brand's bevy of printed unisex sweaters feature images of Flamingos,City by night,faces ,candy .... and i really like that change from the normal to this crasy dope design so hope you guys loved this articl and hope you loved the brand .
you can buy youre own sweaters&tees from HERE
enjoy youre shopping.